JPEGmini: free online image compression software

JPEGmini jpeg re-compression homepage

JPEGmini is a new website offering online image compression software which claims to significantly reduce the size of photographs without affecting their quality (well the quality that the human eye can see anyway).

Using the web interface you can upload a file and have the image re-compressed in just a few moments. A preview is displayed for you to see the results and so far, in our tests, we haven’t seen any visual differences between the original images and the re-compressed files.

We uploaded a  test batch of 188 holiday photos. Taken directly from our 9 megapixel Panasonic Lumix camera. These weighed in at 668MB – two thirds of Picasa’s storage limit and would have used over two months of Flickr’s 300MB upload limit. JPEGmini reduced these down to a total of 156MB – a 4.3 times reduction in size.

Previously, If you wanted to upload these to Flickr for free, you would have had to manually resize or re-compress these files manually – a time consuming process. JPEGmini streamlines this process allowing you to upload your files and have them automatically analysed and recompressed withought needing to worry about loosing quality.

JPEGmini’s simple interface lets you transfer these images directly to your Flickr or Picasa accounts with massing savings on your storage limits. To access these features you simply need to register for a free account. The only restrictions that JPEGmini have is that no image should be larger than 50 megapixels and all must already be saved as a jpeg file to begin with.

Uses for JPEGmini

  • Compressing digital camera photos for backup purposes.
  • Uploading images to Picasa or Flickr.
  • Compressing images for webesign – at the time of writing JPEGmini told us that they would be releasing an API, hopefully this will make it easier to automatically re-compress all jpeg images on a website.